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Our "Prez Sez:"

February, 2013: The Ricoh copier has died. This means that printing of brochures, calendars and all the other materials have become difficult to produce. Instead of trying to send out new members packets, we will now post the materials on the website and make them available in a members only section. This will solve the printing problem, cut down on the cost of mailing as well as the time it takes to assemble, package and mail materials.


February, 2012: Having started a new job I have found myself with no time to work on the website as I spend almost 4 hours each day commuting. . I am not able to send out calendars this year (which I produced, assembled and mailed all by myself previously ), nor maintain the members list. I will continue to keep this website going, and add new content and time and money provides. So, I guess we can look at this time as a pause in the life of DPETCA. As other people step forward I'm sure we'll continue to grow this wonderful organization.


February, 2010

Our new calendars have gone out to all members. They were printed on our recently donated Ricoh 3800C copier
which came complete with the duplexer and scanner. What a wonderful addition this has made to our club.
Our February newsletter is now online for all members. Included in the issue is recent information regarding Don Bunn,
some new hardware being made specifically for our model trucks and a new members introduction. We are now
busy working on the April newsletter. Hope you all enjoy.


Update: WINTER, 2009

We continue to add members from around the world. Truck owners from Chile, South Africa, England, France and Canada have joined us, as well as continuing members in Australia and beyond. A look at the web access logs shows people from every continent use our information. And every month new members join us.

This years calendar is hosting our own members trucks. Our volunteer judges have made their selections and I am in the process of getting the calendars printed. This is becoming a bigger job than last year as then I had access to a color copy machine at work. I no longer have this benefit, so getting approximately 300 calendars printed and mailed is becoming a hugh task. I am looking at where it is better in the long run to pay to have them printed, or try to locate a color copier that can handle the task that might be donated to our cause. Time will provide the answer on this one.

We have much more content to add to the web pages so, as they say, stay tuned for more

And don't forget, online chat sessions have been occuring on a regularly scheduled time now. Every month - the Last Sunday. Reminders are being sent out by email and through the forum.

MARCH, 2007
Some more new members added in March. Be sure check out the members info section to see who might be in your area. We continue to grow every month. The interest in Dodge Pilothouse trucks continues to grow. This is evidenced by the interest shown here on the site and out sister forum site. Also Ebay sales are an indication. When I started working with my truck 4 years ago there would only be 3 pages of Dodge Pilothouse truck parts for sale. Now, there are twice that many pages every week. I hope that says good things about the interest in these wonderful old trucks.


Many new members added in January and February, 2007. Here is a list:


Bob Cheek - St George, UT
Barry Boring - Humboldt, NE
Doug Dickeson - Poughquag, NY
Doug Williams - Woodland, CA
Vic McEachron - Tonganoxie, KS
Claude Church - Minden, NV
Ralph Amoroso - Mechanicville, NY
Susan Silvia - Dighton, MA
Dan Marsh - Julian, CA
Timothy Alan Estrada - Clements, CA

Steven Hood - Sherrard, IL (renewal)
Allan Parkhurst - Vienna, OH (renewal)
Anthony Van Note - Red Hook, NY (renewal)
Reg Evans - Grass Valley, CA (renewal)
Shane McGilvrey - Noblesville, IN (renewal)
Gary Davis - Bloomdale, OH (renewal)
G.T. Koldjeski - Goleta, CA (renewal)
Derek Olson - Coon Rapids, MN (renewal)
Charles Furman - Oceanside, CA (renewal)
Tom Davis - Surrey, B.C., Canada (renewal)
Marc Boulay - Pittsford, NY (renewal)
Chuck Snow - Colorado Springs, CO (renewal)
Byron Richardson - Tillamook, OR (renewal)


I just wanted to send a note updating all of you on some new members that have recently been added, and also some new additions to our website.

The following new members have recently been added to the Dodge Pilothouse Truck Club:

Ronld Cook - Odessa, FL  1950 B2B
JJames T. Hulslander, Jr.,  Seattle, WA  1952 B2C
John M. Lyons, Johnston, IA  1948 B1B
Peter Kunow, Westfield, NY  1952 B3C
Chris Cummings, Los Alamos, NM  1948 B1B
Dennis sullivan, Monticello, MN  1949 B1B
James Wicks, East Setauket, NY  1950 B2B
Anothony Posteraro, Pittsburgh, PA  1952 truck
Ralph and Marilyn Perez, Richland Center, WI  950 B2B (renewel)

We welcome these new members to our group.

September, 2006

The following new members have recently been added to the Dodge Pilothouse Truck Club:

Robert Schiller - Newport Beach, CA, 1948 B1B-108
Lee Westermark - Airdrie, Alberta Canada, 1950 Fargo FN1-08
Harvey Suhling - Kampsville, IL, 1951 B3B-108
Dave Seipp - Shiloh, IL, 1950 B2B
Buddy Wilson, Sr - Sapulpa, OK, 1952 B3B
Kris D. Waid-Jones - Peru, NY, 1950 B2B
Merle Coggins - Waukesha, WI, 1950 B2B
Michael Hinman - Asheville, NC, ? (Michael, what truck do you have?)

We welcome these new members to our group.

These are listed in the members info section of our website:


Many new additions have been added to our website.

1. Steven Hood sent me a book that has the layouts (blueprints) for all the "B" series (pilot-house) Dodge trucks. It's quite an addition for anyone that needs accurate builders dimensions of the frame, cab, windshield area, fenders, running boards and more. Thank you Steve for this.

2. Added is a beautiful full color Fargo truck brochure. 40 pages of wonderful illustrations for all the Fargo models.

3. 60 pages from a Dodge truck salesman manual has also been added. This contains information as to all the models available, different options and specifications for all of our trucks

4. A 1948 New Dodge "Job-Rated" Trucks booklet has been added. This announced the new features and improvements that our pilot-house trucks brought to the industry. Contains tables of chassis and engine specifications and also the differences in size from "W" series trucks.

5. Two new color brochures have been added. A 1952 brochure for Dodge DG-5 trucks (export) and also a brochure for 1952 Fargo FO-5 trucks.

Hope you enjoy all these new additions. They are in the Pilot's Knowledge section of our website:


Isn't it exciting to be a Dodge Pilot-House Truck owner!
If you have comments or feedback send a reply to this email.

Stay tuned, there's much more coming.


Bob Koch
DPETCA President

P.S. There really is work being done on the next newsletter. It should be coming soon.


August, 2005

The following email was received from Bill Gunter, our president, on July 10th:

From: "William S. Gunter" <dodgetruckclub@verizon.net>
To: gold@sonic.net
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 21:00:40 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: resignation
 I have been struggling with the issue of lack of active participation within the club for several weeks now. I already have serious, on going job related time constraints; and have had for several months. I have been disappointed by the lack of response to my inquiry for regional meet coordinaters. (we can thank Tony Baker and Bill Escott for coming to the call). But several others either never responded or declined. I feel as though I can no longer provide an effective leadership role given all of these circumstances. I therefore am resigning my position as President of this organization effective as soon as a replacement is elected. I will remain part of the club, but just not in the leadership role. I have given much thought to this and have arrived at my final decision. I thank all of you for ongoing assistance in starting and running the club, and hope we all can continue working towards the common goal. Please feel free to post this to the website. I will also be sending a group mail to the general membership soon.

Note: The above resignation of our president leaves a vacancy that needs to be filled. Also some of our other board members have had to resign due to work as well as other reasons. But, as a board we have also had difficulty being efficient over the long distances that we are located. And trying to get all 5 board members to respond on any issue has often proved difficult. This prompts the need to reorganize the structure of DPETCA. We will be asking in the next general meeting that the current board be resized to 3 members. A board Team Leader and 2 board Team Members. This would be similar to a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The terms team leader and team member are being used to show that the roles will be more flexible, with each person being cross-trained to handle tasks for one another. In this way, if one board member for a period of time has trouble fulfilling their role due to work or family matters, then another team member can temporarily take over that task.

Robert Koch has offered to take up the role of Team Leader (President) and Bill Gunter feels he would be able to serve in a lesser role as a Team Member. This would still leave one Team Member position open, though one of our other two board members, Thomas Huse or John Mathias may choose to fulfil this role if they feel they have the time.

In order to discuss these issues a general meeting is being called using our New Chat Page which is located here. The time has been set for Sunday, July 24th at 5PM, Pacific Daylight Time. Please try to join us. This message replaces the previous note to use MSN messenger. We think our new chat page will be easier to use for everyone. Thank You.





Our "Prez Sez:"
February, 2005


We have survived a first year, and have even picked up some new membership for this year. We are, however, at a point where most organizations come to in experiencing some growing pains. We need to implement a communications protocall during meetings so as to eliminate chaos. Those who have faithfully attended the business meetings know they have sometimes been less than easy to follow. We are working on a couple of specific ideas which would give members more for the money. These are proving to be difficult and a little costly so please be patient.

My focus this month is on keeping our memberhsip involved in the information process of this truck club, and how to gain in membership numbers. I would like to hear from our existing members what their likes and dislikes are about the truck club in general. Critisizms and compliments are all welcome. We number approximately 60 now, and we don't often get any feedback as to how we are doing as your board of directors. Comments from vistors are welcome as well.

One of our goals is to one day be able to see 20 or more pilot-house trucks parked side by side at a public show or rally. It will take some time, effort, and participation in building this organization to come to the place where we can sponser such a show, but with a little effort from many it will happen someday. As with every club or organization there is always some dullness before the rewards, some effort before the benefits. This year will be our year.


You may contact William Gunter at dodgetruckclub@verizon.net

Our "Prez Sez:"
December, 2004


Brotherhood/Sisterhood and Fellowship

As we are just about at the close of 2004 I find myself reflecting upon the long and sometimes difficult past year of our organization. It all started with a few of us corresponding about existing Dodge clubs and websites on line. A month or two went by and the same ten or so of us were still talking about this. At that time I began exploring the possibility of starting our own club for owners of “pilot-house" era trucks. One thing led to another and here we are.

We have made it through our first rocky year. Along the way we have designed a well representing logo which we have cleared with DaimlerChrysler, gained our non-profit tax exempt status, and have started persuading a couple of promotional issues. We have 53 loyal members, and should be adding more as time passes.

One area which we, as the officers were too relaxed on this past year is communication and fellowship among the membership. I was preoccupied with job survival this summer, and we all were very busy. Consequently our club, as a whole, suffered greatly. Various members were growing disappointed by the uncertainty of the organization. We recognized this problem and quickly started effort to turn the situation around.

We do have several valuable ideas, which should help new members feel they are getting more for their membership payment, in various planning and working stages. We discuss most of these regularly at the meetings. We are also in the process of creating an updated membership roster. This will be e-mailed to all as soon as it is finished. We hope to draw new membership in and be able to bond the current membership closer together with these ideas and documents so as to gain strength by our common desire to preserve these wonderful old vehicles.

As we approach the start of 2005 I am focused on better communication among us all. We are currently contemplating several regional social meetings. These would be very informal lunch or dinner meets where we can get personally acquainted in smaller groups within each of our 10 or so regions. Our organization has always had low finances, and that makes it hard to do very much. But we should all do what we can to help make this club the best success. Sometimes it may require a little extra effort, but the eventual benefits will outweigh any present efforts.

I want to take this time to challenge all members, in a positive manner, to step up and support the efforts of your officers and your truck club by attending our monthly meetings, and providing input and feedback when called upon. Together we can make this work, and one day have several "PilotHouse" vehicles in one place at one time. Maybe even reach the point of holding a national "PilotHouse" convention where the general public would see no less than 50 or 75 of these trucks together! This is an exciting and reasonable goal.

We all need to get the word out that there exists such an organization as ours. We all need to advertise ourselves and invite everybody we know who holds an interest in these Dodge trucks to come along with us. The only way for us to increase finances, so as to be able to have more fun, is to gain new membership. We are working hard towards having more valuable info and resources available for all who come to us looking for them. But we need to grow too. I thank all who stayed faithfully with us through an uncertain summer, and invite all to return and grow with us in 2005. I also invite all who visit our website to come and seriously consider joining this great historical organization.

William S. Gunter, President

Dodge "PilotHouse" Era Truck Club of America


You may contact William Gunter at dodgetruckclub@verizon.net

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