Truck Manual

We have placed here copies of the Dodge section from a truck repair manual dated for years 1949 - 1958. The index below should help you know which pages to download. The downloads are in .pdf format which requires acrobat reader. Download it here if you need it. There is also a compressed .zip file of the same to save some download time. You may require a program such as WinZip or Stuffit to uncompress these, though some current operating systems have the capability built-in.

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truck manual index

Refer to the index above for the appropriate pages to view or download

Page Numbers Subject
View/Download .pdf format
Download .zip format
413 - 421 Motor Index & Engine Application
421 - 432 Engine Replace & Rebuild
433 - 439 Carburetor
439 - 446 Manual Transmissions
447 - 453 Automatic Transmissions
453 - 458 Transfer Cases
458 - 465 Rear Axles
465 - 469 Brakes
469 - 472 Wheel Alignment & Steering
2 - 19 Tune Up
19 - 26 Generators
26 - 39 Generator Regulators
39 - 50 Starting Motors & Switches
50 - 60 Dash Gauges
60 - 70 Fuel Pumps
70 - 116 Manual (Stock) Transmissions
116 - 165 Rear Axles
165 - 170 Hydraulic Brakes
170 - 187 Air Brakes
187 - 210 Vacuum Brakes
210 - 226 Automatic Transmission

If you have truck manuals or brochures that would help other Pilothouse owners please let us know.

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