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This page is dedicated to helping our members find that information they need
to restore or modify their trucks.

The information presented here is of a more permanent nature. If you need online
help visit the pilot-house.com forum. Another source of great pilot-house truck knowledge


Search for the information you need using our Google search engine.Searches this site only.

Newly Added Filmstrip Videos:

These were filmstrips used for salesman training purposes.

Dodge Truck Value Outsells Chevy


The Most To You (1/2 & 3/4 ton comparison of Dodge and Ford)


Geared To Your Job (1/2, 3/4 and 1-ton comparison of Dodge and Ford)


Gary Kuklo from the Chrysler Imperial club was gracious enough to convert these Dodge truck filmstrip & record sets to video. Thank you Gary for making these available.


hub wrench Complete Autocad specs for forming Ignition and Hub wrenches and also the Fuel Pump Heat Shield. Thank You Mark Fritsche  
battery tray

Complete Autocad specs for forming a replacement Battery Tray and hold down.

Thanks to Mark Fritsche for these.

Kew Dodge Trucks

KEW Dodge / Desoto / Fargo Truck Spare Parts Catalog for trucks made in the UK. Issued December, 1952

Manual in Acrobat .pdf format (55 megs)

Thanks to Peter Guggisberg for this.

51_53 truck parts 1951 - 53 Canadian Truck Parts List for Dodge
DG-DH and Fargo FO-FP Series trucks
Serial Manual

Serial Number Guide for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars. Also, DeSoto, Dodge and Fargo trucks.

Manual in Acrobat .pdf format (13 Megs)
Thank You Tony Buckley for the scans

Truck Owners Manual

Truck Owners Manual for Australian Dodge, DeSoto and Fargo trucks. All 48 pages in web format.

Manual in Acrobat .pdf format (22 Megabytes)

Chrysler Engines

Chrysler Six Cylinder Industrial Engines Maintenance and Parts Manual. 130 pages in web format.

Manual in Acrobat .pdf form (21 Megabytes)

Drivers manual cover Drivers Manual for B1F and B1H trucks
All 60 pages of the Driver's Manual a page-by-page
web format. . The manual is also in Acrobat .pdf form here. (download is 32 megabytes)
Desoto Trucks Desoto Trucks Export Brochure (Spanish edition)  
riser Exhaust Heat Risers - Fact and Fiction  


Rebuild Your Tailgate Hinges with Bronze bearings


wiring harness

Truck Wiring Harness construction and installation and
Wiring Schematics for B-2 and B-4 trucks


Nov, 2008

VIN plate
Deciphering your Dodge trucks VIN,
or vehical identification number
truck manual index
1949 - 1958 Truck Repair Manual  
truck parts list
1948 - 53 B series Dodge Truck Parts List.  
PW parts list
1948 - 56 Dodge Power Wagon AND 1948 - 53 B Series Route Van Parts Lists  
Australian Truck Manual
1953 - 55 Australian Truck Shop Manual for Dodge, Fargo and Desoto Trucks  
color chips
1948 - 56 Dodge Truck Color Charts and 1949 - 1952 Dodge color codes for DuPont and Ditzler paint. Now includes information for wheel colors. NEW COLORS ADDED
B3 drivers manual
B-3-B and B-3-C Driver's Manual
All 60 pages of a 1952 Driver's Manual plus the truck warranty form in a page-by-page
web format. (open's in a seperate web page). The manual is also in Acrobat .pdf form here. (download is 25 megabytes)
B4 manual
1953 "B-4" Series Dodge Truck Shop Manual  
Alice in Lark Land
Alice in Lark Land
A wonderful brochure designed to teach a woman about her first car.
Know your car

Know Your Car
A 1928 brochure teaching the first time owner how a car works.
volarie frontend
Adding a Volarie type front-end to your B-series  
toneau cover
Information To Cut Your Own Truck Bed Lumber And Install A Tonneau Cover  
special equipment manual

Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Special Equipment Manual
All the special equipment that was available for "B" series trucks. Includes dump bodies, buses, van and panel bodies, power brakes and more.

blueprint cover page

Dodge Job-Rated Truck Body Builders' Layouts
A collection of layouts (blueprints) for all "B" series trucks.
Includes chassis, fender, windshield, cab, running board dimensions and more.

Dodge preview book

Dodge Preview Booklet
20 pages announcing the new "B" series trucks. Discusses all the new features and a condensed table of the basic models. Also includes dimension differences from "W" Series trucks.

Salesmans book cover

Dodge Job-Rated Salesmans Model Book
60 pages of information for Dodge salesman, Including all Dodge truck models from the pickup through the largest tractor trailer models also school bus with very detailed specifications , weight ratings etc.

Fargo truck brochure Fargo Truck Color Brochure
A beautifully illustrated 44 page brochure of all the Fargo trucks available from Chrysler Corp. Includes pictures, truck, chassis and engine specifications
802 radio

Model 802 Radio
Mopar 802 Radio Owner's Manual and Installation Instructions

lube chart Esso Lubrication Chart for trucks  
bulb chart Mopar Bulb Chart for cars and trucks  
If you have Dodge Pilothouse/Fargo Truck literature that would help other members please let
the webmaster know. Contact at: webmaster@dodgepilothouseclub.org

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