19:59:23 [Bob] Hello, bob here

20:00:45 [tonyb] hi guys

20:00:56 [Bob] Hello tony, hello dean

20:01:30 [dean] hi guys

20:01:54 [Bob] Hello Bill

20:02:04 [tonyb] hi bill

20:02:05 [BillGunter] Hello all

20:02:29 [BillGunter] I move that we open this meeting.

20:02:41 [Bob] I second

20:03:03 [BillGunter] All in favor...

20:03:16 [tonyb] aye

20:03:24 [Bob] aye

20:03:30 [dean] aye

20:03:47 [BillGunter] Thank you.

20:03:53 [Bob] Hello ralph

20:04:11 [BillGunter] Our agenda, this evening, is the re-organization of the board.

20:04:12 [ralphperez] howdy

20:04:52 [Bob] Hello Norm

20:04:53 [BillGunter] due to ongoing time constraint and overall disappointment in lack of participation

20:05:06 [BillGunter] have resigned the presidency.

20:05:27 [BillGunter] I no longer have the overall drive to run this

20:05:41 [BillGunter] en so many don't log into the meetings.

20:05:56 [Norm] Sorry I'm late

20:06:20 [Bob] not a problem Norm

20:06:44 [BillGunter] I was also disappointed at the lack of support when attempting to build regional social meets.

20:07:15 [BillGunter] I was of the understanding we all wanted a place to meet and show our trucks.

20:07:28 [BillGunter] This is what I was trying to move towards.

20:08:00 [BillGunter] Thus my decision to step aside and let somebody else run things.

20:08:12 [pilot99] Hello all

20:08:32 [BillGunter] so we are at the official time of recognizing a new President.

20:09:04 [Bob] I'll say hello to Bill Escott - pilot99

20:09:06 [BillGunter] We do have a volunteer, but could hold election if necessary.

20:09:45 [BillGunter] I leave that open to those who are present.

20:09:48 [tonyb] who is the volunteer?

20:09:59 [Bob] I have volunteered to take on the position of president if Bill would be willing to serve in a secondary capacity.

20:11:16 [Norm] I think you would be a good one.

20:11:23 [tonyb] that sounds good to me.

20:11:42 [pilot99] Sounds good to me

20:11:47 [BillGunter] Bob has done very good things with the site.

20:11:52 [dean] me too

20:11:54 [ralphperez] good luck to you bob

20:12:25 [Norm] Bill, would you be willing to do the second part?

20:12:33 [BillGunter] He has more knowledge of organization operations than I do.

20:12:51 [tonyb] it looks like we had an election. should we make it official?

20:13:07 [BillGunter] He has a greater vision for this club than I believe I do.

20:13:12 [Norm] Yes

20:13:16 [pilot99] Sounds good to me

20:13:21 [ralphperez] we should

20:13:50 [BillGunter] I will help where I am able to.

20:13:59 [Norm] Let's do it.

20:14:08 [tonyb] I motion that we elect Bob Koch for president of the club.

20:14:21 [ralphperez] second

20:14:22 [BillGunter] I gave this a good start, but now it's time for somebody else to keep it going.

20:14:24 [Norm] Second

20:14:34 [BillGunter] I second.

20:14:51 [pilot99] Bill I know what you are going through, I had the same thing with our flying club.

20:15:11 [BillGunter] It is very frustrating!

20:15:18 [pilot99] I vote yes.

20:15:33 [BillGunter] I did what I could, but didn't get very much cooperation.

20:15:47 [tonyb] I also vote yes.

20:15:52 [Norm] Bob has my vote.

20:15:58 [ralphperez] yes

20:16:24 [BillGunter] Ok, that makes it official;

20:16:28 [dean] my vote too

20:16:47 [BillGunter] We welcome Bob Koch as the new DPETCA President.

20:17:19 [BillGunter] The other business Bob and I discussed

20:17:34 [BillGunter] as downsizing the board to just 3 positions.

20:17:34 [Bob] Thanks Guys - I guess.

20:18:30 [pilot99] We had one good man, now we have two good men.

20:18:44 [BillGunter] we are thinking of President, Vice-President, and secretary/treasurer.

20:19:39 [BillGunter] Also how about a shift of Membership duties to one of the other board members?

20:20:13 [BillGunter] this way there are less people to depend upon for the general operation.

20:20:32 [BillGunter] We have had our share of setbacks.

20:22:20 [BillGunter] Any comments?

20:22:34 [tonyb] Bill, are you willing to take on the VP position or did you want to step down completely from the board and just help fout from the ranks?

20:23:08 [BillGunter] I could serve as VP or Secretary?Treasurer.

20:23:20 [BillGunter] would be good in that capacity as well.

20:23:41 [BillGunter] I'm just done trying to keep people involved.

20:24:41 [ralphperez] are we going to vote on the other seats ?

20:25:06 [Bob] I would like to see Bill as VP, but that is up to him.

20:25:42 [Norm] What would you prefer, VP OR SEC./tREAS.

20:25:57 [BillGunter] I'd rather serve as Secretary/Treasurer, but that is up to the masses.

20:26:29 [BillGunter] I just don't want to see all our work go down the drain.

20:26:32 [Bob] Bill, it's not up to us - we won't force you into any position

20:26:40 [BillGunter] We all worked hard to get this far.

20:27:14 [tonyb] OK I'll motion that we elect Bill Gunter as the new Sec/Tres. Presuming he accepts the nomination.

20:27:41 [Norm] ok FROMHERE

20:27:44 [ralphperez] second

20:27:59 [pilot99] I second.

20:28:20 [pilot99] Vote yes.

20:28:23 [Bob] All those in favor signify by saying aye

20:28:35 [Norm] Aye

20:28:37 [tonyb] aye

20:28:38 [ralphperez] aye

20:28:39 [dean] aye

20:29:22 [pilot99] aye

20:29:24 [thomashuse] aye

20:30:29 [BillGunter] Any others?

20:32:22 [BillGunter] ????

20:32:41 [Bob] Are there any Nay's

20:33:49 [tonyb] That looks like the whole group.

20:33:51 [Bob] Then Bill Gunter is our new Secretary - Treasurer

20:34:17 [BillGunter] Ok, that makes it official.

20:34:33 [BillGunter] Thank you one and all.

20:34:58 [pilot99] Thank you Bill !!

20:35:12 [BillGunter] Now we need to designate who will take the membership duties and merchandising.

20:35:25 [BillGunter] Any ideas?

20:35:40 [Norm] Bill, thanks for all you did as president

20:35:58 [ralphperez] yes, thank you

20:36:15 [BillGunter] You're welcome.

20:38:04 [BillGunter] We need to fill a vacant VP chair.

20:38:22 [BillGunter] Any volunterers or nominations?

20:39:56 [dean] I will volunteer

20:40:15 [BillGunter] Thank you Dean>

20:40:42 [BillGunter] I move that we elect Dean Haueter as VP.

20:40:56 [tonyb] second

20:41:08 [Bob] We have a volunteer for the position of VP. Are there any other volunteers?

20:41:57 [Bob] We have a second for Dean Haueter as VP. Any discussion of this or should we vote?

20:42:20 [pilot99] Vote

20:42:23 [Norm] Let's vote

20:42:33 [BillGunter] Norm,Bill,Ralph, Tom??

20:42:45 [ralphperez] aye

20:42:48 [BillGunter] Did we lose you all???

20:42:53 [Norm] aye

20:43:01 [pilot99] aye

20:43:06 [Bob] All in favor say - Aye

20:43:09 [Bob] aye

20:43:10 [BillGunter] aye

20:43:10 [thomashuse] aye

20:43:11 [dean] aye

20:43:13 [tonyb] vote......aye

20:43:30 [ralphperez] aye

20:44:21 [BillGunter] It looks like that makes it official.

20:44:44 [BillGunter] Bob?

20:44:47 [dean] thank you all

20:45:31 [Bob] Is there any further business that we need to do tonight Bill?

20:46:10 [BillGunter] Membership duties and merchandising (if we are still persuing that).

20:46:29 [pilot99] I'm trying to vote aye

20:46:33 [tonyb] Now for Bill's question about membership/merchandise. Do we want to keep that with a board member or farm it out.

20:46:52 [BillGunter] Vote counted, thanks Bill.

20:46:59 [pilot99] I had some trouble

20:47:01 [Bob] There are places that will take care of all the merchandising and shipping for us.

20:47:28 [Bob] I would really like to discuss that with the new board before we make any decisions

20:47:46 [ralphperez] will it cost us ?

20:47:51 [Bob] Merchandising is a real good way to wear someone out real quick

20:47:55 [BillGunter] That's a fiar call.

20:48:09 [Bob] No, it really won't cost any more

20:48:27 [Bob] and we won't have to put all the money up front to buy 144 t shirts or whatever at a time

20:48:55 [ralphperez] sounds like a good idea

20:49:45 [BillGunter] Should we, as the board, discuss this and then present to the club later?

20:49:58 [Bob] yes, that is what I am proposing for now

20:50:02 [dean] I think that is a good idea

20:50:16 [tonyb] works for me

20:50:21 [Norm] Sounds fair to me

20:50:29 [BillGunter] I'm in agreement.

20:51:00 [pilot99] sounds good.

20:51:03 [Bob] There are two things I would like to ask about tonight. First is, Does this chat system work for us and is it any better than using MSN messenger?

20:51:16 [Bob] what do you guys think?

20:51:22 [BillGunter] Ok, very good.

20:51:25 [dean] yes to both questions

20:51:35 [BillGunter] yes, better.

20:51:39 [Norm] I can't see much difference

20:51:51 [ralphperez] ok here

20:51:52 [tonyb] much easier to access. I say we keep it.

20:52:00 [BillGunter] Easier to get into.

20:52:12 [thomashuse] I think it was easier to get online.

20:52:15 [pilot99] Seems to work a little better, but I've haD TROUBLE SENDING A COUPLE TIMES TONIGHT

20:52:21 [BillGunter] Just bookmark and it's always there.

20:52:59 [ralphperez] will do...

20:53:43 [BillGunter] Bob, about membership duties?

20:54:03 [Bob] thanks guys for the input

20:54:13 [BillGunter] Should we decide who will take that over now?

20:54:17 [Bob] right now I am handling membership duties

20:54:26 [BillGunter] Or put that on discussion?

20:54:30 [Bob] the reason is because it's actually easier at this point in time

20:54:46 [Bob] I am straightening out the membership list, email list and so on

20:54:57 [Bob] and keeping track of memberships is all part of that

20:55:00 [BillGunter] OK.

20:55:09 [BillGunter] Who will notify John?

20:55:28 [Bob] The second question then, is - where do we want to spend our time as far as a club? Do we want to work on a quarterly newsletter? On more information to help others? On more chat sessions that are not so business related but truck related? Or should we be spending our time trying to organize r

20:55:43 [BillGunter] I also have the complete membership list which is up to date.

20:55:44 [Bob] I will since I"m the president

20:56:02 [Bob] Yes, you sent it to me last week

20:56:54 [Bob] ... trying to organize regional or a national truck meet. (sorry the last part got cut off)

20:57:03 [BillGunter] we need input to Bob's question so as to determine what direction to move this club towards.

20:57:26 [dean] a newsletter isn't a bad idea, and a general chat session would be a good idea as well

20:57:29 [Bob] What's most important to you guys?

20:57:41 [pilot99] Tony, have you done anything with the coordinator thing ?

20:57:50 [thomashuse] FOr meets, can we have them as an inclusion to a larger meet or show?

20:58:13 [BillGunter] Eventually, we can>

20:58:22 [pilot99] I've been waiting til it cools off a little.

20:58:26 [Bob] right now tom, that's the best way to go - we're not really big enough to hold them by ourselves

20:58:26 [BillGunter] We need to gain some exposure first.

20:58:48 [tonyb] I was going to get to that. I have been looking into a get together but even the closest person to me is over 2 hrs away. Makes it kinda hard to get a group together.

20:58:55 [BillGunter] National meets take much effort and some sponsership.

20:59:01 [thomashuse] Bay State Antique Auto Club just had its annual show and several clubs had their own judging and grouping, Oldsmobiles for one example.

20:59:15 [Bob] tony, that's one of the problems we have - the distance

20:59:24 [Norm] Pretty hard for me in MAINE

20:59:34 [ralphperez] a newsletter, I'm more incline to read e-mails than going to a site to get info

20:59:53 [pilot99] Tony how far are you from Charlotte NC ?

21:00:25 [dean] the newsletter could be in the form of email

21:00:29 [tonyb] About 25 driving hours or so. Or two weeks in the big truck

21:00:31 [Bob] so ralph would an email newsletter work? or are people wanting a printed quarterly newsletter?

21:01:17 [ralphperez] e-mail...we are always reading e-mails

21:01:48 [BillGunter] The geographics are one obsticle I was aware of;

21:02:01 [tonyb] I would like to try to get together to just BS about these beasts. I follow the post on the pilot-house site but it's not the same as the direct back and forth.

21:02:04 [BillGunter] was attepting to design social meetings first.

21:02:18 [thomashuae] Email newsletter would be easier and certainly less expenseive. Are there any members that do not have email?

21:02:25 [BillGunter] That way we wouldn't have to worry about taking our trucks along at first.

21:02:53 [Norm] E-Mail

21:03:14 [Bob] tony - would a monthly chat such as this one - only set up to chat about our trucks be helpful?

21:03:19 [ralphperez] social is good, My truck is not up and running yet

21:03:21 [pilot99] E-mail

21:03:23 [BillGunter] I was attepting to move towards Tony's idea.

21:03:39 [Bob] my truck is FAAAAAAR from being up and running yet

21:03:57 [pilot99] Monthly Chat would be great.

21:04:07 [thomashuae] I consider mine to finally be running, yet yesterday. . . no start

21:04:21 [tonyb] I could do that. Maybe one or two of us could set up something in between on our own.

21:04:44 [Bob] thomas - gas? electrical? any ideas?

21:05:11 [tonyb] I moved mine out of the backyard to take some pics and tore off the rain gutter with the sleeper box. Oooooops!

21:05:32 [thomashuae] Leaking gas, and I think I may have flooded it. Ran great last weekend to go to a show after being towed the weekend before.

21:05:44 [dean] ouch!

21:06:10 [Bob] just so long as you didn't hurt the truck tony

21:06:25 [BillGunter] Tom, not that we are aware of>

21:06:30 [Norm] Had mine in a parade last Friday, went great

21:06:53 [Bob] any pictures you have to submit Norm?

21:06:55 [BillGunter] Good job, Norm>

21:06:57 [thomashuae] Norm, where in Maine? I'm in Boston.

21:07:03 [tonyb] nothing a little paint won't fix. Along with the ten or twenty other little touch-ups I need to do.

21:07:04 [BillGunter] That's what this is all about.

21:07:19 [Norm] Falmouth

21:07:42 [Bob] OK guys - how far between boston and falmouth?

21:07:47 [pilot99] I'm going to paint mine next month............that is what I said last month Ha.

21:07:51 [ralphperez] anyone in the midwest?

21:08:11 [BillGunter] Ralph, several there.

21:08:26 [Norm] about 130 miles

21:08:47 [BillGunter] I was attempting to get everybody better acquainted.

21:09:04 [thomashuae] 130 miles would be about three hours drive time

21:09:06 [BillGunter] Norm, 3 hours by truck.

21:09:28 [Norm] Not at 40 miles per hour

21:09:55 [BillGunter] 4 hours?

21:10:37 [thomashuae] Not sure I want to drive 130 miles on 50 year old tires.

21:10:41 [Norm] The best way would be to trailer it

21:10:45 [ralphperez] I'm in s.w. wisconsin

21:11:11 [Norm] Cheese

21:11:12 [BillGunter] Tom, Good point.

21:11:23 [ralphperez] Yes and a bear fan

21:13:02 [tonyb] How bout them Vikes?

21:13:03 [Bob] This brings up another question tonight - would a members directory be helpful to each of you so that you can see where everyone is ?

21:13:16 [BillGunter] Are we done with all business we need to deal with for tonight?

21:13:32 [Norm] Yes

21:13:39 [BillGunter] Everybody shoould have the latest one.

21:13:52 [Bob] We could make a members directory available in printed form, or on a secure portion of the website

21:13:59 [ralphperez] yes-directory

21:14:10 [BillGunter] I sent the 2005 Summer directory out in an e-mail in April.

21:14:36 [Bob] Did everyone get a copy of the directory?

21:14:50 [dean] I got mine

21:15:01 [pilot99] I got mine.

21:15:19 [ralphperez] I think I deleted mine

21:15:30 [tonyb] Could you send it this way again. I've been having some computer problems and have probably lost it. The last I know I have is from 2004.

21:15:54 [Norm] Mine didn'topy the trucks you guys have

21:16:01 [BillGunter] I can send another copy to all.

21:16:18 [ralphperez] thanks

21:16:27 [Norm] Please

21:16:29 [thomashuae] I could likely guarantee space at Bay State's Show next July in Dedham MA if interested.

21:16:31 [Bob] we have added a few new members so probably time to send another one, or make a copy available on a secure section of the website

21:16:52 [dean] Bob, I have to go for tonight, email me if you need anything further . Bye to everyone

21:17:03 [BillGunter] Which format does everybody want?

21:17:11 [Bob] Sure will, thanks for coming and also for serving in your new role

21:17:30 [BillGunter] Thanks for your effort Dean.

21:17:36 [tonyb] See ya Dean

21:17:48 [Norm] We just had a truck show at Owl's Head with a lot of Mopars

21:17:51 [dean] Bye

21:18:15 [Bob] If you guys will send these to me I'll put them on the clubs website calendar.

21:18:26 [ralphperez] Bill, whatever you sent last time to me is ok

21:18:31 [BillGunter] I'll need to go in a couple of minutes as well.

21:18:35 [Bob] Also, would love to have any pictures when you take your trucks to shows or parades

21:18:40 [Bob] that's fun for all of us

21:18:57 [pilot99] Is there a place on our web site to put input for a news E-mail.

21:19:00 [Bob] Is there any further discussion for tonight? anyone?

21:19:14 [BillGunter] I'll send a copy to all, and Bob can post a copy on the site.

21:19:33 [BillGunter] hat way all will have access to which ever format they want.

21:19:39 [Bob] for right now send it to : info@dodgepilothouseclub.org and it will go to all the board members

21:19:45 [Norm] I move we adjourn

21:19:58 [ralphperez] thanks again Bill

21:20:03 [pilot99] second

21:20:24 [Bob] thank you all greatly for coming. I will be in touch with you all

21:20:58 [Norm] Goodnight guys have a good one

21:21:11 [ralphperez] Thanks Bob

21:21:12 [BillGunter] Talk to all next time.

21:21:19 [BillGunter] ve a great week.

21:21:30 [pilot99] Have a good one !

21:21:35 [tonyb] See y'all later

21:21:40 [ralphperez] Adios amigos

21:22:11 [Bob] thanks again, bye

21:22:18 [BillGunter] Bob, I'll save these notes to floppy.

21:23:23 [thomashuae] Good night

21:23:31 [Bob] Bill, I just saved them

21:23:40 [Bob] all you need to type is /save

21:23:57 [Bob] click the question mark and it will give you the commands

21:24:58 [Bob] did you find it bill?

21:26:33 [BillGunter] I was already saving to a folppy, sorry.

21:26:40 [BillGunter] I have it on a floppy.

21:27:06 [BillGunter] I don't trust my system fully anymore.

21:27:22 [Bob] i understand

21:27:46 [Bob] which is why all of the important stuff is going to go up on the website

21:28:06 [Bob] so there is a backup of everything we need

21:28:24 [Bob] too many people losing, or having computers lose their work

21:28:38 [BillGunter] We always did need a seperate server.

21:29:17 [Bob] i want copies of our membership cards, brochures, mailing lists, everything in a secure are of the website

21:29:19 [BillGunter] With all the new tools, I won't need to do much any more.

21:29:30 [Bob] then it's in one place and save when needed

21:30:17 [Bob] ok, i'm going to go for now unless you have anything else

21:31:15 [BillGunter] I'm done, thanks for taking over.

21:31:21 [BillGunter] I wish you well.

21:31:40 [BillGunter] Have a good evening.

21:31:53 [Bob] well, it's a way for you to stay involved, but not carry the responsibility. I think it will work

21:31:55 [Bob] see ya

21:32:13 [BillGunter] I'll talk to everybody soon.