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DPETCA By-laws

Membership Process: Once membership application and deus are received and processed that person is considered an "official member" thus entitling them to be able to participate in business meetings, election process, and all club events. All paid members will receive a membership card. 

Election Process: Nomination for office is by consensus, and officers shall be elected to a one year term by a 70% quorum of all official members. Every year thereafter new nominations will be established and new elections shall be held by the same process. Office can be held for up to three consecutive terms. In this way we hope to continueously add new leadership to our organization and no one person will feel over obligated. In the event a person needs to step down from office a special election shall be held to fill the vacancy. The newly elected officer shall complete the term. 

Operations: All new membership dues shall be deposited into the club treasury no later than one week from the date of receipt. All necessary expenses shall be set forth for review and ratification by all official members. Any check drawn from the club treasury shall need to have two signatures for validation. All club records shall be made availible to anybody for review at any time. As membership increases enough to have the need for an offiicial business meeting we shall need to determine what time of the year to hold it. Locations for annual business meetings should rotate around the country so as to allow all some opportunity to attend.

Special Conditions: In the event any membership is revoked or suspended, due to criminal act, etc. the process shall have to be agreed upon by a 70% quorum of all official members.

Revisions: Since we expect to grow and change, especially throughout our first year of existance, we shall reserve the option of adding to, amending, and revising our by-laws as necessary. This process shall take place generally through discussion within business meetings and intends to include input from all official members.

Safety Standards: As we increase membership enough to allow us to hold regional meets we shall develop and employ safety standards or guidelines, and may even see the need for a safety commitee.

Disbursemnet of Remaining Assets: If it becomes neccessary to dissolve the organization all assets left after payment of all debts shall be disbursed equally among all members in good standing.

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