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DPETCA Mission Statement

 We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1948-1953 Dodge and Fargo trucks of all applications. The only true necessity, in order to become a member of this organization, is a great desire to preserve these wonderful, historic vehilces. We hope to consistantly increase membership so as to create a network of resource support for restoration, and to hold annual gatherings of these trucks. We also hope to, one day, be able to hold regional tours with these trucks

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You may contact your board members by email:

Bob Koch, President:info@dodgepilothouseclub.org



You may find their phone numbers and addresses in your members directory.

Business Minutes

Most club information now is being updated through emails, the monthly chats and in the "Prez Sez" section. Refer to that for updates and the information.


February, 2012: See the Prez Sez section for changes and updates to the website.


July 24, 2005
: New officers were voted in and the number of board members was reduced from 5 members down to 3. This was done to streamline the operation and improve efficiency. The new officers are Bob Koch as President, Dean Haueter as Vice President and Bill Gunter as Secretary/Treasurer. A copy of the full discussion is here for those that missed the business chat, which used our newly installed chat page. Also discussed were the possibilities of a monthly truck chat to share information about our trucks and ask questions, the possibilites of a quarterly or month newsletter and a general discussion of regional meets.The issue of merchandise was deferred so that the new board members can discuss some new possibilities and then offer those to the club members.


April 10, 2005 Online Business meeting minutes are located here. This is in .rtf format so most computers should be able to read it without difficulty.

CHANGES to notes below:
We now have 65 members, not including others from family memberships.
Meetings will now be on the 3rd Sunday, instead of the 1st Sunday of the month.
Next Business meeting will be May 15th. 5pm - PDT.


January 16, 2005 Online Business meeting transcript is located here. It is included in it's entirety and is in .rtf format so it should be readable by most word processors.


Business Meetings: We will hold our next meeting on November 21st. We all had a busy Summer and were not as able to keep up as we had hoped to, but we are settling back into the familiar routine again. Please log in on your MSN messenger account and attend this internet business meeting to support your truck club. Thank you.

Agenda:  Incorporation; new member resource package; hats, shirts, jackets, and decals; show schedule; nominations; general plans for 2005


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